Imagine a scenario where a child's school pictureS didn't induce a cringe but brought joy and pride. 

What if parents had the power to select the image that truly reflects their child's personality? Envision school portraits that go beyond the traditional, capturing a child's individuality authentically without awkward poses or goofy smiles. Is such a transformation possible? YES! Absolutely!

Introducing an exciting development TO SCHOOL PICTURES in NH. Fine Art SCHOOL PORTRAITS!

The Best part of Fine Art SCHOOL PICTURES, It comes at no cost to the school! AND, 10% of proceeds are donated back to the school! 

That's right! It comes at zero cost to schools, and your school stands to earn 10% of gross profit. This initiative is driven by a passion to deliver results that surpass the ordinary, presenting genuine and timeless portraits. These portraits are not just pictures; they are moments frozen in time, ones that parents will proudly hang on their walls, creating a cherished tradition year after year.


What are Fine Art School Portraits?
At Lisa Smith Photography, Fine Art School Portraits offer a contemporary twist to conventional school photography, aiming to preserve the distinctive essence of every child. I prioritize creating a relaxed environment where each child feels at ease, allowing their authentic personality to shine through. With a minimalist black backdrop and natural lighting, I capture genuine moments and spontaneous expressions, steering away from forced smiles and poses. It's about capturing the true essence of each child, authentically.

How does your photography experience differ from traditional 'Picture Day'? 
I prioritize creating a stress-free and enjoyable environment for everyone involved. This starts with handling all communication with schools and families beforehand, making sure any questions or concerns are addressed directly.

During the session, I keep it simple and focused on the child, avoiding distracting props or backgrounds. This allows their personality to shine through naturally.

After the shoot, I provide an online platform for viewing and ordering images. Each child gets multiple shots and expressions in their private gallery, giving families the freedom to choose their favorites without pre-ordering. Plus, I offer both color and black & white options.

Orders are conveniently placed online, with digital files available immediately via email and physical prints ready for pickup at the school in about 4 weeks. It's a hassle-free experience designed to capture your child's true essence with ease!

Is this service costly?
Actually, despite offering a premium fine art school portrait experience, my prices are quite affordable! I ensure competitive rates that rival those of big box companies. There's no upfront payment required, and families have the freedom to select their desired purchases after reviewing the images, rather than committing beforehand.

I provide a range of packages and customizable a-la-carte options to cater to everyone's preferences. Whether it's physical prints or digital files, we've got you covered!

What types of schools do you typically work with?
I have experience serving schools of various sizes and educational levels! While I've photographed children from birth to high school, I often find myself working with preschools and daycares. Whether it's a cozy setting with just 20 students or a larger institution with hundreds of children, I'm equipped to cater to all needs.

When are fine art school portraits available?
I'm flexible with scheduling and work closely with each school to find a suitable time during the academic year. Some schools opt for the classic fall photo sessions, while others prefer the freshness of spring. Lately, I've noticed a growing trend among preschools to host sessions in both seasons, which is delightful considering how much little ones grow and evolve over the year!

Still have questions?
Whether you're a parent, teacher, or school administrator seeking more details or eager to schedule fine art school portraits for your community, don't hesitate to reach out. Feel free to contact me here.


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